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Study Title:                      Religious and/or Spiritual Coping Styles and Quality of Life Among Breast Cancer

                                          Patients and Survivors

Principal Investigator:   Peggy Weng, B.S. Biological Sciences, B.A. Sociology
                                         University of Southern California Class of 2012
                                         Phone: (323) 222-0373

Department:                    Sociology        


             We invite you to participate in a research study investigating the relationship between breast cancer patients' religious and/or spiritual coping strategies and their quality of life after diagnosis and treatment.  We hope to find out whether any significant differences exist in how older (age > 50 years) and younger (age ≤ 50 years) breast cancer patients rely on religion and/or spirituality to cope with their disease.


Eligibility Requirements and Procedure

               English-speaking women who are older than 18 years and have been treated for breast cancer at least 6 months or more are eligible to participate in this study.  If you meet these eligibility requirements and decide to participate, we will provide you a confidential paper survey or online survey which you can access through a link.  The survey consists of 167 questions and should take 30 minutes - 1 hour to complete.  The survey asks you to complete information on your background, breast cancer medical history, religious and/or spiritual preference and coping styles, satisfaction with life so far, and perceived well-being.  There are minimal risks from taking the survey; however, if you feel uncomfortable with answering any of the questions, you may skip the question(s) or stop taking the survey at any point.



               Survey responses from each individual will be kept private and will be reported only after being combined with the responses from other individuals.  The investigator will store the responses from the online surveys in a secure database and will delete the data once the study is over.  Any source of identifying information such as the emails sent out to recruit study participants will be destroyed.


               As participation in this study is entirely voluntary, you reserve the right to refuse to participate or to end your participation at any point while taking the survey.


Questions, Concerns, and Problems

               You may contact Peggy Weng at (323) 222-0373 or with any questions, concerns, and/or complaints about the research or your participation in this study.  If you are unable to reach Peggy Weng or would like to speak to a third party, please contact her sociology honors thesis professor, Dr. Leland Saito, at (213) 740-3604 or

I have read and understood the above and desire of my own free will to participate in this study.


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